Machine Learning

November 29th, 2016

Machine learning provides programs with the ability to learn from samples instead of being taught what to do, this skips the step of programming everything the program needs to know by allowing it to learn from data given to it. this allows the computer to acs more natural(human like) meaning that it is able to adapt to the current situation instead of only situations its programmed to do.

machine learning is probably the second best thing after the internet in the world of computing. it removes the stereotypical software that does nothing but what the programmer programs it to do. it helps to gather data from public whilst ignoring privacy issues as it could gather data summary without the research team knowing who the data is from(in cases of social data mining),or to even handle data too large for humans to be able to process efficiently.  it could also help private individuals, such as youtube recommendations bar, and facebook friend recommendation.

though there are many uses for machine learning, such as google’s ai experiment (¬† ) which are developed for the purpose of being “fun” and some that helps us in our daily life such as spam filter, ads recommendation and many more , there are more powerful applications to machine learning, an application to machine learning is to make space rovers(like the rovers on mars) to be able to identify rocks and minerals and what to do to it. they can train the program by making a place similar to the planet the rover will be sent to (which would already be available as they test rovers before sending it). this could help scientist as there is a roughly 20 minutes delay for connection between Earth and Mars. till now, the delay had caused problems to scientist and makes the process of exploring the planet take longer can save cost as it reduces the time spent overcoming the delay.


Michael Gunawan


Odd Semester 2016/2017

School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University

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